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Aaron Oscar Lewisohn
Born: October 29, 1884 in New York, USA.
Died: December 3, 1917 in New York, USA (age 33 years).
Married: Edna Pettie
Married to Edna from June 4th, 1907 until his death on December 3rd, 1917.
Oscar was six years younger than Edna and he was the one man she loved. Oscar was an investor, a race horse owner and very wealthy. They were married at the Register's Office in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Their honeymoon was spent motoring across France, Switzerland and Germany.
Edna retired from the stage once she married and lived the life of a socialite, giving much of her time and money to charitable causes.
Oscar died after surgery for possible intestinal cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.
The last words Oscar spoke, as he lay in his hospital bed with Edna by his side, were "Edna, ten years of happiness..."